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Frankie the Podcast!

Welcome to "Frankie the Podcast," the companion podcast to the "Frankie the Magicorn" project:

Our objective is trans-visibility. In addition to creating a cartoon to show one afab magicorn's journey of transformation, we're also publishing this podcast of interviews with trans individuals, exploring their lives, their interests, and their own journeys. We'll also have discussions and production meetings from the development of the cartoon itself to put the process on full display.

Jul 10, 2019

It's part two of our interview with Geena, cofounder of Spectrum, the Atlanta Trans Community Choir and expert on all pop culture. We sat down with her at her former temporary assisted care facility. Recorded on one yeti mic in a cafeteria.

Our official Charity endorsement for this week is SONG, Southerners On New Ground, for more information.

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